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CEO | Founder - The Big Smoke Media Group

The Big Smoke is a leading opinion publisher, media planner and Advertising Development Group.  Alexandra discusses the articles published on The Big Smoke weekly across commercial radio Australia wide, and on ABC TV, including ABC News 24, and The Drum.

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Plus61J is a platform that broadens the conversation between Israeli and Australian politics. 

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Director | Advisor - Plus61J

S​halom Gamarada is a scholarship fund in conjunction with UNSW, that funds the Medical and Legal education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

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Board Member | Advisor - Shalom Gamarada

Co-Founder | Mend App - Jewish House 

The Mend App is designed to automate the process of connecting

rough sleepers in our community with services that can help them.

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"Alexandra provided a very insightful presentation on delivering a great experience with content and customer-facing technology at D+T Collective Commerce event with a focus on retail. Alexandra’s dynamic presentation style and subject matter expertise on content and latest martech showcased some of the latest case studies and how brands can achieve their objectives. Alexandra’s presentation was very well received by the event delegates and other presenters and added a lot of value to the event. Alexandra is a highly regarded expert and we look forward to working with her again soon."

ADMA, Australian Data and Marketing Association

Alexandra Senter
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