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You can find me most days of the week on various stations across the country covering what is happening in The Big Smoke including social, tech, law, business and politics. 

Australian Financial Review -  Why Alex Tselios hired ad man Roger Pugh, 82, to make The Big Smoke a success


AdNews - Cambridge Analytica: Facebook isn't the problem, we are 

Business Insider - Succesful female execs reveal their experience ... - Special Feature: Mentor Next Door/Mitigating Financial risk

Huffington Post - The meme street of Australian politics


Business Spectator - Why a start-up may be your worst idea, and your best 


Australian Financial Review - When switching off is a bad thing


Australian Financial Review - Five business lies to avoid


Business Review Australia: Technology barriers for retailers going digital


The Age - What can business learn from the movies?


BRW - The good, the bad and the ugly of crowdfunding


Kochie Business Builders - Why 'I don't have time or money' isn't an excuse


Kochie Business Builders - The one mistake that will destroy your company.


Business Spectator - Entrepreneurs need a funding kickstart


Business Spectator - Governments role in supporting entrepreneurs 


Australasian Lawyer - The diplomatic leader


Sydney Morning Herald - Start a start-up this Christmas - Sexual harrasment in the workplace 

Business Women Media - Myths about working with women


Business Insider - Entrepreneurs share their most valuable lessons


Business Insider - 6 CEO's share their favourite dad jokes


Business Insider - How these 16 succesful entrepreneurs start their day


Business Insider - Entrepreneurs share their tips for securing investors


Marie Claire, Feb 2015 - Advice from entrepreneurs

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